This page shows the list of people who are assigned to be "teachers" in this course (by the system administrator).

You can use this form to assign a role (title) to each person such as "Professor", "Tutor", "Assistant" and so on. These will appear on the site's course listing and also on the list of participants for your course. If you leave the role empty then the default word for teacher will be used (the one you set in the Course Settings page).

You can also order this list (to put the main teacher at the top, for example). Simply select numbers from the menus in the "Order" column. After pressing "Save changes" you will see the new order.

A special case occurs if you use select "Hide" for a teacher. In this case, the teacher will NOT BE SHOWN on the course listings or the list of participants. They will be "hidden" from students (unless they post messages to the forums etc).

You can also choose whether a teacher should have editing rights on the course. Non-editing teachers could be thought of as course tutors. They are:

  1. not able to change the structure of the course
  2. not able to enroll or unenroll students
  3. able to grade
  4. able to facilitate within activities
When assigned to a group, they are only able to perform task 3 and 4 with that group.

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