How to Search

Full-text searching supports a number of options, listed below. You can combine these to specify your search more precisely.

search for these words For basic searching of one or more words anywhere in the texts, just type them separated by spaces. All words longer than two characters are used.
+search +for these words The previous example would also match "information" because it contains "for". To force exact matching of a word, use the plus sign.
+search -engine Use the minus sign if there are particular exact words you don't want included in the search.
"search engine" To search for a particular phrase, use double quotes around it.
user:Kim To search for texts by a particular user, prefix a word from their name with "user:".
userid:6 If you know the user id of a particular user, you can search for them like this.
subject:assessment To search for a word within the subject or title of a text only, prefix the word with "subject:".

For advanced searching, press the search button without typing anything in the words field - you will see a complete form that makes it easier to do advanced searches.

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